Jazz Services is a non-profit organisation and have been for 16 years for the production of the Jazz festival in Rafale, which has full swing to create extraordinary musical encounter between jazz from around the world. This is our mission!

We are at our well coveted 10th annual new talent contest over Jazz en Rafale, which gives young artists (18-30 years) the chance to take flight in this jazz universe. We wish above all that they too know great success as talented musicians, because they are the ones our next virtuoso music that we will travel through their different musical backgrounds.

JAZZ SERVICES needs your support now

Currently we rely on you dear music lovers to help us keep this event to wear them all. It goes without saying that our last three years were some incredible little, so that we now need your financial support.

We have several public partners such as CALC, CAM, SODEC and Patrimoine Canada  and our private partners such as the Caisse de la culture, the Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec, RSB, Small Mastering Studio, Effendi Records, SOCAN, which without them, nothing would be possible where there gratitude towards them.

Campaign goal: $ 15,000

We wish to raise a substantial amount that will allow us to move forward, securing the continuity of the festival and competition over Jazz en Rafale.

How to make your donation:


Please make and send your check / money order to the following address:

Jazz Services
6 Rue Dante, Montréal, QC
H2S 1J5

Phone : 514 597-2477
Phone : 514 597-1114