Schedule 2017

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Double bill with :
Rafael Zaldivar – Afro-Cuban Revival (8h00 pm)

François Bourassa Quartet
March 23 – 9h30 pm

“My main goals in music are expression of emotion and the ability to touch people in an intangible manner.” François Bourassa, composer and pianist, leads one of Canada’s most active recording and touring jazz ensembles. Being an international example for Canada’s contemporary jazz scene, the Francois Bourassa Quartet has received several prestigious Canadian prizes such as the Juno, Felix and Opus awards and the Oscar Peterson Award of the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

The crew have in the past found “…new levels of mystery, whimsy and passion … angles and space … and an ever-deepening telepathy among its members.” So wrote Bob Blumenthal about his last album, Idiocyncrasie.

On their 9th album, Lostage, to be recorded soon, the François Bourassa Quartet explore the connection between contemporary/ free jazz and classical /20th century music.