Jazz Bar and Grill
1254, rue Mackay, Montréal (Métro Guy-Concordia)
514 931-6808
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Le vendredi et samedi 15 & 16 mars 2012
2 concerts : 19h30 et 22h
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Arturo Stable - percussions Mike Moreno - guitare / Edward Perez - contrebasse / Melissa Aldan - saxophones

« Cuban Crosshatching »

 As established on previous releases, in CUBAN CROSSHATCHING Stable delivers amazing compositional chops, good taste and a wide variety of rhythms and percussion sounds from all over the world.  He also touches new ground as instrumentalist, performing most of the album on an eclectic and unique percussion set up that even includes instruments of his own creation. The different textures and his clever interaction with the rest of the band create a very pleasant sonic experience where elements from his native Cuba, American jazz and world music co-exist in perfect harmony.

There is here a tangible high level of maturity and eclectic cohesiveness that evidence Stable’s evolution as an artist. His writing is at its best, deeply rooted in the jazz tradition but the songwriter within himself constantly takes over to delight us with subtle romanticism and beautiful melodies. His performing, constantly playful and apparently careless for moments, shows the smile of a soul that is not trying to prove anything but only to create authentic musical dialogues